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  1. S-Dawg

    Moving on...

    I miss you guys too, but life just keeps getting busier. Recently, my wife and I moved(we're still in LA), both of us found new jobs, traveled to Japan, and my son was born this past Feb. I don't get a lot of free time during the week anymore. I miss the old days of binge playing CSS.
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    Happy Holidays to all Ronins

    Happy Holidays!
  3. S-Dawg

    E3 2017

    It's easier to watch the press conferences online in between meetings *shrug*
  4. S-Dawg

    Happy Belated Birthday S-Dawg!

    Thanks jorge!
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    Let's Spam!!!

    Puff, Puff, Pass! C'mon!
  6. S-Dawg

    Let's Spam!!!

    Hi! I'm alive! Ok, bye!
  7. S-Dawg

    CutScene video card.

    Just bumping this thread up a bit. Has anyone heard from cut in a while? He last messaged me a couple weeks ago
  8. S-Dawg

    Did you send it yet Cut?

    Did you send it yet Cut?
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  10. S-Dawg

    CutScene video card.

    Well gotta store it somewhere...
  11. S-Dawg

    Yea, I have been holding on to it for you. No need to send the SSD's my way. I have plenty of...

    Yea, I have been holding on to it for you. No need to send the SSD's my way. I have plenty of storage atm. UPS would be a bit easier for me. But I will leave that up to you.
  12. S-Dawg

    CutScene video card.

    Lucky for you I haven't sold my old card yet :D. I just replaced my EVGA 680 FTW+ with a 1080 a couple months ago. I haven't had any issues with my 1080 yet and was keeping it as a backup. It can still run most things on medium to high settings(mostly medium) and has had about 4 years of heavy...
  13. S-Dawg

    Overwatch Season 2 "Autumn" Has begun!

    Placed 2500, Just hit 2650 and going up
  14. S-Dawg

    Overwatch: Season 1 Competative end

    Ended up with a high of 61. Gz on 70
  15. S-Dawg

    Poll Pokemon Go - Which of you nerds is playing it?

    Team Blue represent! Went to the LA Arboretum this morning popped an essence and caught a bunch lol. Am total nerd... but at least I am outside and my wife is playing it with me.
  16. S-Dawg

    Congrats on Being a Married Man S-Bot!

    It will be next month before you know it. A little advice: Try to take a few moments during the craziness on the day of to really absorb and embrace the experience. It felt like I went from getting ready to the reception in the blink of an eye.
  17. S-Dawg

    Congrats on Being a Married Man S-Bot!

    Haha thanks guys :D
  18. S-Dawg

    Credit Card Debt

    Hot damn, my personal finance alarms are going off for you guys right now. I'm usually around 700-1500 CC debt a month, but i pay it off every month. I still have a number of payments left for my wedding so I'm budgeting hard.
  19. S-Dawg

    Lets revive this place...

    Ya'll got nothing on Rocket League, Ace and I have been losing a lot! :D
  20. S-Dawg

    Look what dropped for me in game in CSGO!

    This is what pretty much how i got my knife