47 Ronin Bitcoin Mining group


The 47 Ronin
Its not worth it, may sound appealing but if more than half us don't know how it works ( including me ), its not going to work out.

Its like buying stocks blindly and expecting them to go up. There has to be a lot of things involved. Sure you might say we just lose money on electricity, but most of us here built a computer to game and have fun.

I'm not against the idea or anything, but I don't think most of us really know what they might get into. I have a friend who's been trying to this and well, lets just say he's lost a lot of money. Someone didn't even pay him when he sold his mined up Bitcoins.

Again just my 2 cents, don't mean to discourage or offend anyone.

Is it worth it now? XD!


The 47 Ronin
Eh I wish lol like Loco said the startup cost isnt worth it and at the rate BTC is going I don't see it jumping back up like it was doing 2017. Korea is already halting trade and there's been more wallet hacking...