Anyone interested in a new CS:S server?


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I'll chip in and play. I guess you can make it a private server and play by invitation only? If private server, active admin is not needed? I have not set up one before, so I may not know what I'm talking about.

el jorge loco

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If someone is willing to do the plug-in management/coding, I'd be happy to do the easy admin part (I promise not to abuse it!)

I always play CS, and I'd love to have a small server for us to pop on and invite friends to play. I get kind of annoyed at overly large servers... and camping.

ace ninja

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i dont think ill mind since the price is low as it is. plus i dont think this game would die anytime soon. just need more active players in the server.

Uncle P.

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I can chip in as far as playing goes I'n not sure how because I'm in Europe at the moment and internet sucks here but I'll try,anyway happy to see you guys are still around


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Will the server be competitive or 'fun'petitive? I'm not good at CS:S, so I just like to hang out and get some cheap shots sometimes.