Lets talk European Soccer!


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English Premier League:
It looks like Chelsea is pulling away from Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City... I think Chelsea is going to win it all this year.

La Liga:
Real Madrid is playing lights out, I think they might be the 2nd best team in Europe right now behind PSG.
I think Barcelona is fraud, I like Messi, but that defense is atrocious, it's been that way for years now, the only way Barcelona is going to be a contender in La Liga again is to fix that defense, they looked atrocious last night.

Serie A:
Juventus (My favorite team) is just dominating the Italian League, I'd say 3 more wins and 2 more losses by Roma & Napoli and they will win the Italian Scudetto 3 years in a row.
Unfortunately Italian teams have been doing really crappy when it comes to Champions League the last few years since Milan won it all few years back and Inter Milan who got really lucky in 2010.
I only see Juventus being the only team that has potentials to make it all the way, this year they won't because they were already eliminated during the group stages, which was sad.

French League 1:
PSG is going to win this league again, they are on a different level vs any other teams in that league. They steam roll opponents, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is playing the best football of his life in a PSG uniform. Also adding Cavani in the offseason from Napoli just added more depth on that already overpowered offense.
The top 2 scores in the league are from PSG... As long as they hold on to these two, they might as well crown the french league 1 to PSG for the next 4-5 years as long as those two play at a high level.
This team will be a contender in the UEFA Champions League, I actually picked them to win it all this year.

Bayern Munchen has a 20 point lead over the 2nd seed, another year they win the german league, no team is close to match their intensity in germany. They will make a deep run again this year in the Champions League and they may make it to the finals again.
However this year I don't see them getting past Real Madrid if they face them again.

Lets keep the discussion going soccer junkies!

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Let me worry about FA Cup first (Arsenal's best chance at silverware this year).

As for EPL standings, the season is not over. ManCity is behind the rest of the league by 3 games. Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and MCI are all top contenders. Tottenham is faring better than MU, but MU is picking up the pace again after a dismal first half of the season.