PINNED photographer's Section.........Stay on topic please.

I wanted to add a section for photographers since we have a couple semi-professionals and professional photographers. I have been getting more and more into photography since it's about the only thing right now I can do that doesn't require a super amount of physical activity and makes time fly by when you are fixated on a photograph. So we don't have a hot mess of random photos please adhere to these rules:

  1. Must be a photo you have captured.
  2. explain the reason or reasons for the photographs
  3. Must be safe for work and families (no porn or nude photos) I know some nudes are considered art but workplaces really don't care what the photograph is meant for.
  4. if you edited the photograph, give a quick explanation of what you did to it
  5. if it's a portrait you can include the name, date and location but only if you want too
  6. Please make sure the photograph is unique in one way or another. No low res pictures of letters you made with pee in snow. Unique guys. Artsy, surreal,portraits, landscape you get what I'm saying.



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  • photo1
  • photo 2
  • photo 3


Thats pretty much it, with photography; you're photo paints the scene, you're words give it life so be descriptive.
NAME: Douglas robinson aka suicide george


So the baby geese were taken with my new Canon EOS 5D Mark III (it's nice btw you should read some reviews) and portraits were my wife and I have more I'm doing for her sister's work. The picture of me I did just to try out a new program I had that turns thing's into fire like flames. The truck I did because I thought it had great colors and I love the old school fire truck look on it. It was parked at an insurance company.

civil servant

The 47 Ronin
The dude in the chair holding the bottle...that IS ar. Good stuff George! Hey, did you get that camera yet?

A friend of mine makes it a point to take at least one photo every day. He says the practice has significantly changed his visual perspective. An interesting challenge.


The 47 Ronin
Finally I've been thinking about making a photographers section Nice [MENTION=29]suicide george[/MENTION]

Photos by Jeffrey Villar aka -L-

535764_10150854032038775_1397625012_n.jpg 536079_10150854032378775_623633774_9745135_2141967444_n.jpg
401910_10150854033163775_623633774_9745141_285401449_n.jpg 546189_10150854033528775_1753963715_n.jpg
545132_10150854033758775_623633774_9745147_91025128_n.jpg 229894_10150854034023775_1112223669_n.jpg
246478_10150854040778775_1415382865_n.jpg 270802_10150854040948775_440597697_n.jpg
551715_10150854036628775_316043514_n.jpg 547363_10150854037443775_1918034566_n.jpg
535710_10150854036958775_1596110998_n.jpg 599842_10150854035468775_623633774_9745157_2105677629_n.jpg
283646_10150854037583775_1977324932_n.jpg 598379_10150854038283775_623633774_9745173_554637204_n.jpg
525130_10150854038538775_623633774_9745174_428864217_n.jpg 601087_10150854038683775_187259701_n.jpg
551618_10150854038933775_1693482868_n.jpg 543058_10150854039063775_788876463_n.jpg
599876_10150854039543775_1812519394_n.jpg 562387_10150854040103775_1148864912_n.jpg

Photos taken 6/2/12
My friend Mike Rollerson invited me out to a Cosplay Photoshoot last Saturday. He created an event on facebook and intended it to be a small group originally but he for got to private it and bunch of people click will come... He asked me to come and help out. That said there were more cosplayers but honestly I got picky and I only found a few worthy of being shot. Here we have Batman Beyond and Batgirl (cassandra cian version) and alfred, we also have Madam Red from black butler, cetly, and one of johnny depp's characters

Mike positioned them into this pose and i found a really nice angle and took the shot. The next photo of Madame Red was one where i was experimenting with an offcamera flash bouncing off a big white foam board. came out nicely. We got introuble after the one with batgirl on the trash can they just got those bins that morning haha.

skilling to the one with the helmet. She is cetly from the anime Durarara!!!! I havent watched the anime but did a quick research on her and found out she's headless. So i tried out my first composite shot and it came out nicely

The photos of Madame red I really wanted to bring out the red so i positioned her infront/by plants that had some red in it.
Her friend was playing johnny depp from darkshadows. Their clothes seemed from the same era so i put them together.

Last photo is my favorite. I almost missed it because we were walking away. I saw we had no one in the area so I was able to get a clean background and took this shot.

This shoot really got me out of my comfort zone of shooting with a mounted flash with a big bounce card. I shot majority of the photos on a Tamron f/2.8 17-50 @f/2.8

tags: #cosplay #jeproxshots #batmanbeyond #batgirl #alfred #MadameRed #JohnnyDep #darkshadows #Angelina #Durless #Black #Butler #photography


The 47 Ronin
Photos by Jeffrey Villar aka -L-


Nephew's 1st Birthday. I loved the back lighting here shot with bounced flash
They had a bubble pool and the lady in charge blowing the bubble for my Nephew and his mother.
The last shot was a lucky over head haha but i loved how it came out.


The 47 Ronin
very nice shots guys... ill post mine soon!!! good to have a photography section here!!! thanks ice and suicide
Damn L, very nice. I just switched to using mounted flashes from continuous lighting. It's a little trickier but you get amazing results. I'm using my canon speedlite 600EX-RT as my main and 4 580's with bunch of soft lights, reflectors and what not. I'll post up some of my finished works.